A story of The Little Mermaid:
A Hong Kong local label, inspired by the aesthetic of the sea and nature. The unique handmade designs add the perfect balance of edgy elegance to street chic. The Little Mermaid Jewellery is a great option for any occasions, day or night.

Tracy loves designing fashion and jewellery since her early childhood, she has always wanted to wear earrings like any other people, but for some reasons, her body condition does not allow her to do so. She started The Little Mermaid Jewellery by herself in 2019, by converting pierced earrings to clip-on earrings for all the others girls who cannot wear pierced earrings like her. In 2020, She started creating her own jewellery collections. She tells stories and dreams with her jewellery. All pieces are in interchangeable designs for mix and match and to be personalised. Tracy believes that every woman should be able to wear her jewellery depicting her ambitions, dreams and personality.

One of the special features of the Little Mermaid collections is that some jewelleries are with personalised details such as the name of the wearer etc. Tracy imports the earring components from all around the world and designed the following collections herself: Amor, Mermaid & The Moon, Nature Aesthetic, Unicorn, Moonlight, Ocean Aesthetic

The other jewelries that are not listed in these collections are supplied from wholesale jewerly for resale.

Tracy believes that every woman should have the willingness to truely chase their dreams until they come true, just like The Little Mermaid.